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Our Founder
The biggest challenge Indian Education System faces today is Employability especially of fresh Engineers & Graduates. We have the largest pool of educated youth, well educated yet unfortunately unemployable.

Educated Unemployment is on the rise and staring us at our face. India today produces 5 lakh technical graduates, 30 lakh other graduates and another 4 lakhs post graduates and MBAs.

Fountainhead Training Academy has accepted the challenge of making a serious effort in changing this scenario by focusing on training these engineers and graduates and increasing their employability many folds thru structured learning programs.
  Mr. Parmindra Kwatra, former Country Head MOTOROLA, Vice President SIEMENS and Director AT&T, Ex TATA and ABB is a technically qualified & experienced business leader. Well respected, globally traveled, has more than 30 years of leadership & general management experience, with a proven track record of leading Global MNCs multimillion $ businesses and hundreds of people with a strong passion for developing , training and coaching young professionals. During his long career he has trained and developed many professionals who are occupying senior positions with Global & Indian companies.
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About Fountainhead Training Academy
The academy is conceived, founded and managed by qualified & experienced professionals from top global and Indian companies led by our visionary Founder who has held top level positions in Global and Indian Technology MNCs. Please click on Founder’s Profile to read more about him.

Our founder’s extensive leadership and senior management experience with Global Technology leaders Siemens, Motorola, AT&T, TATA and ABB is key contributor in making the curriculum & programs job oriented,industry specific and practical in line with the needs and challenges of MNCs, Industry & Corporates.

Our programs are geared towards development & training of these graduates with a strong focus on employability.
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Our Industry Relationships...
Program Offered
  Graduate Engineers Management Program
Managerial, Technical & Soft Skills : 3 Months
Graduate Skills Development & Essentials of management
Business Management & Soft Skills: 3 Months
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