Our Founder :
Mr. Parmindra  Kwatra is an ambitious, focused, experienced and a widely respected business leader. He has over 30+ years of experience and has held CEO/Country Head, Director Marketing & Sales, Vice President and General Management positions with Global 100 Billion $ MNC’s & top Indian companies  MOTOROLA, SIEMENS, AT&T, SPRINT RPG and TATA  including Technical & managerial positions.He has extensive Leadership and General Management experience with a focus on several key areas such as Marketing, Sales, Business Development,
Customer relationship, Corporate Planning & Strategy,  Operations, HR, Finance, Organization and  People Development & country wide large team management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Post Graduation in Management  and completed  an  Advanced Management Degree Program from the Fuqua School of business, Duke University, USA and Siemens AG, Germany.

Apart from his formal education, He has also completed several senior Leadership Programs including  AT&T School of business and Siemens AG, Germany-IMD Lausanne University, Switzerland in the areas of Leadership and Strategic Management. He is also a Fellow of Institute of Electronics & Telecommunications (FIETE), member of TEMA & ISHRAE. A very well-traveled man , he has attended conferences and presented papers in all four corners of the globe, including countries like USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, France, Austria,China,

Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius etc.He brings to the table a bright mix of Technology and Business Skills, Man Management and Organizational Development acumen, Industry knowledge and a proven track record at the highest echelons of Indian Industry. To top it all, he has a very strong passion for developing, training, coaching and mentoring young professionals.
In his long career, he has nurtured, guided and developed many educated professionals who now occupy senior managerial and technical positions. with several prominent global and Indian corporations.Fountainhead Training Academy is a result of his strong passion for people development, and hence is a step in that direction. Through Fountainhead Training Academy, it is his endeavor and goal to develop people especially engineers, MBAs and top college graduates from all disciplines and walks of life to enhance their career prospects by training them with

Essentials of  Management & Technology, Industry Challenges, Leadership, Team work , personality development including  fine tuning their individual skill sets. Mr Kwatra spent his early childhood in Rangoon , Burma and at Colombo SriLanka. He came to India in Mid sixties and went to Banaras Hindu University for Schooling. After completing his Preuniversity there he did his Electrical Engineering at REC ( now NIT) Bhopal. During his final year in college he was also selected as Pilot Officer in Indian Air Force. He did his post graduation from Delhi & did

Advance Management Degree USA. He started his long corporate journey with ABB Baroda followed by six years at Voltas Delhi. He joined AT&T Networks, followed by Head & VP of Siemens later and went on to become Country head of Motorola. He is keen Tennis and Cricket player. Likes to travel and listens to all kinds of music; country music being his favourite.


Professionals / industry feedback about our founder…..

Mr. Kwatra worked for me as Vice President of Siemens Mobile Networks while I was MD of Siemens Telecom India business. I was really impressed with Mr. Kwatra's leadership, his team management and knowledge of Indian Industry. A person truly liked and respected by his team members for his leadership, team development, dedication and commitment. We did some really challenging projects together with success.
He has great passion for coaching and mentoring young generation. I wish him all the best for his future efforts.

Werner Schachermeier, Managing Director, Siemens AG, India

I have been associated with Mr Kwatra many years in the industry. He is a well respected and extremely qualified professional in the telecom management space. His expertise ranges from management competence to excellent man-management skills to the qualities of a natural leader. His subordinates who now are in leading positions still swear by him!
A competent and well-spoken gentleman, he played a great role in positioning Siemens as one of the lead Mobile vendors under his stewardship in India. I am proud and honoured to have been associated with him during our Siemens days. India needs professionals like him to steer us, particularly the new generation, to global leadership positions in the near future.

Dilip K Ghosh, Chairman & Managing Director, ZTE Telecom, Ex Director Siemens, Philips

 A true leader and a visionary is what sums up Mr Kwatra in few words. He has been a mentor and a friend, the positions he has occupied in the industry reflect the depth of respect he enjoys in the telecom world. His clarity of vision about telecom industry, reflects his understanding of the expertise he has gathered over the years. No wonder he has a large circle of friends and followers who turn up to him whenever they need an advise or help. I wish him all the very best in his current and future endeavors.

Urmeet Juneja, MD - India office, Aircom International
It was a pleasure working for Mr. Kwatra. He is great leader with vision and clear direction. He demonstrated excellent leadership qualities and was a role model for the people reporting to him. He is well know personality in the industry and customer, partners respect him. He has domain expertise and knowledge of Telecom industry.
Sandeep Kalra, Global Business Developement Manager, CISCO, Singapore

I have known Mr Kwatra for the last 18+ years, and will remain obliged to him for giving me the opportunity to step into the corporate world. I have worked for Mr Kwatra for close to 6 years but have been mentored and guided by him throughout my career spanning across 18+ years. I have known him to be a person centered in integrity both in terms of outward actions and inner values, due to which he has always been approachable by peers and juniors alike. He has always led by setting excellent examples through his own behavior and dedication and by creating opportunities for those who worked for him. During the years I worked for him he ensured that adequate credit was given where it is due, and I vividly remember him having personal responsibility for team failures. These sort of gestures have remained with me as principals to take forward in how I go about discharging my responsibilities. He was always open to new creative ideas and was non judgmental while his team went about expressing them again an extremely important learning for his entire team.

Rajesh Nihalani, Executive Director-Product Management, Telcordia Technologies
Leader, Planner, Go getter, Executor, Opportunist, Intellectual and a keen learner are the few skills which you can easily find in Mr. Kwatra, I started my carrier with him and that was the best part of my life where I had an opportunity to work with the Telecom Leader and which helped me build a strong foundation of my future. I am short of words to thank you for all your guidance and support during my tenure with UMTS. I just wish a great luck to UMTS to reach heights and you keep on growing the way you are!
Monika Marwah, Resource Consultant, UMTS India
It was great working for Mr. Kwatra. He had great leadership qualities and was a role model for many people I know. He was well known for taking bold decisions and influencing others, a personality that business partners respected him. He has in depth understanding of Telecom industry. He is great leader with clear vision and direction.
Raj Sharma, Head, Technology, Aircel.Ex. Technical Sales Core & 3G Business Development, Siemens
I had the privilege to first work with Mr Kwatra 15 years back at Sprint when I was reporting into him - we have remained in touch ever since. In addition to being a natural and dynamic leader Mr Kwatra is a perfect gentleman and a wonderful human being. An extremely well-read and informed individual there are always things one can learn from him and he is never tired of imparting his knowledge. A consummate professional with an approachable , open door policy Mr Kwatra's leadership style has been more that of a mentor, coach and guide to his teams - than merely a boss. This inspiring leadership style has been a source of great motivation to his teams whom he has led with great success and consistently delivered outstanding results. Mr Kwatra remains one of the most respected global business leaders and authority on Telecommunications with immense experience, in-depth experience and vision about the industry. It has indeed been a privilege to have been associated with Mr Kwatra and I continue to look forward to his guidance in the future.
Kuljit Singh, CMO & EVP - Videocon
I know Mr. Kwatra for the past 20 years ever since he joined Siemens in 1989 as our Sales & Marketing Manager for Telecom Project India. I have been watching his progress with keen interest. He has done well in his career having worked as Director – AT&T, VP – Siemens and Country Head – Motorola.
Mr. Kwatra is a qualified, experienced business leader with long experience in the Indian Industry and Corporate World. He is passionate about business and management teaching as well as people development.
I wish him all the best for his future.
Peter Johann, Director – Sales, Africa / India, Nokia Siemens Networks
In the modern day management where the life cycle of a CEO is limited to a couple of years and is generally governed by the QoQ performance of the company results, the definition of leadership and professionalism are some what being rewritten. The soft skills of team motivation, long term career planning for employees and responsibility towards the society is taking a back seat or at least only talked about in some forums as a face saver. With this mindset when you interact with Mr. Kwatra, you feel that not all has been lost. A fine gentleman who besides being your ‘Boss’ also brings in the human touch while interacting with his employees, is a totally different experience. A level headed person, who always had ample time and an open door policy to reach out to his direct team and beyond left an unforgettable impression on all of us who were working closely with him. In my view Mr. Kwatra possesses all the qualities which makes him a natural leader (different from the mostly heard appointed leader) of people, who can trust his team and trusted by the team. We should not forget that these are the very qualities which were possessed by some icons that created great business empires. It was a privilege to work with such a leader in a great company Motorola.
Deepak Bhatnagar, VP - Samsung
Parmindra is a talented leader with a feet on ground style of management and a keen understanding of the Industry & business. He has an informal approach to leadership that encourages the team to effectively contribute and bond well together. His pleasant inter personal skills makes working with him and doing business with him a pleasure both for internal employees and external customers. Parmindra lives up to high standards of professional and ethical business conduct and leads by example. He is performance and customer focused in his approach. It has been a pleasure knowing Parmindra over several years and working with him during his years at Motorola India
Tarvinder Singh, Director-Marketing & Business Development, Motorola India

   Mr Kwatra has a great ability to get along with people. He is a guy who always stands by the team and is able to inspire & motivate the team exceptionally well. He, infact, can instill a feeling of self-confidence in the team members.
He has a very positive attitude towards problems and life in general and this is reflected in the actions he takes. I always found him setting the right priorities and then going about handling them with great focus and passion. He always knew what to say and more importantly how to say. He articulated his message in the way that the other person was motivated to act on it.
I also found him very apt at acting as mediator and offering solution to problems that seem difficult to handle.
He was also very affective in balancing between delegation and control. One of his great qualities has been the way he has managed an enviable work-life balance throughout.

Pankaj Lamba, MD, Comverse
Mr. Kwatra is one who leads from the front. A great mentor who trusts his team and guides them to achieve new milestones. My 5 years of working with him were Transformational for me both professionally and personally. Its a pleasure to get his advice, which he gives whenever we approach him. Based on his vast experience in the industry its always interesting to hear his perspective to any ciritcal situation. Looking forward to continued association & guidance in the years to come.
Sandeep Gupta, Vice President, Ericsson
Parmindra has excellent people management skills , with ever cheerful disposition. He has eye for identifying talent at early stage, which is clearly demonstrated by his protege reaching to C level in telecom domain. I always look forward for his guidance.
Arvind Gupta, Technical Project Consultant, Siemens Public Communication Networks Limited
It is very difficul to write a recommendation about "Kwatra Sab", as everyone used to call him! I can just share some random thoughts about our relationship!

I will use a few hindi lines to explain him and I am sure he will understand my dilemma:
Ye wo shatir Darakht hai, Jo chilchilati Dhoop me,
Rahgir tak to chhanw deta hai.
Summarised in a few words of english....Friend, Philisopher, Guide who is ready to help everyone at anytime.

He is a special one with finest people & team management skills (lessons from which I still use till date), dogged determination and focus on the goal with such a down to earth / humbleness which is difficult to emulate, a man from who everyone should learn the art of making and mantaining relationships.
Vinit Monga, Commercial Sales Manager, Siemens Communications
It has been great experience working with Mr. Kwatra. He has been an inspiring leader with great people management skills. He left great impression on all of us who worked under him. Keeping the team together and channelizing the energies towards winning the goal is something which we learnt from Mr. Kwatra. He commands great relationship across industry and is widely respected as a person for his vision, business development and team building skills.
Nitin Dahiya, Head - Technical Sales for Radio Access & Transmission, Siemens PCN Ltd.
It takes me immense pleasure to pen down few thoughts about Mr. Kwatra, from whom all of us have learned many things in life. Whether it was related to managing business, or related to managing people, Mr. Kwatra has been an icon. As if he defined the rules of management! His leadership skills are unmatched and coupled with great vision and relationship in the telecom industry, he has been a mentor for many of us. We learned many things working under him, while he was developing a small team of mobile professionals in Siemens and took the mobile business to a new horizon. A man of varied and strong capabilities, he is widely respected for his vision, his leadership capabilities and his ardent qualities of developing businesses and teams.”
Sandeep Saxena, Vice President - Technical Sales, Siemens Public Communication Networks (Pvt) Ltd
A charismatic leader who leads by example. Cares about his team and motivates them to achieve challenging goals. He is a man of principles with high ethics. Believes in himself and gets to ambitions with sharp focus. He is a veteran in Indian Telecom Industry and very well connected and respected. During my association with him at Siemens I learnt from him to be a true professional and a good human. He always achieved his targets to maximum earning max sales incentive for the Wireless team 5 continuous years in a row. Under his guidance we ventured out to win lots of International business in Africa. I really feel privileged to be associated with Mr. Kwarta.
Pankaj Gandhi, Director Sales, Andrews Corp.
Mr. Kwatra is a great leader and motivator. He is an "out of the box" thinker and comes up with umpteen options for an issue to be resolved. He had the ability to connect with the employees very easily and seemed to have time for all. He was good at spotting the right people for the right job and then backed them up to succeed. His leadership brought the orgnanizations together and helped turn it around to great success.
Manpreet Anand, Sr Manager - Commercial, Siemens P.C.N. Limited
I have worked with Parmindra Kwatra in Siemens Mobile networks. He was my line manager during my tenure in Siemens. Parmindra is a very strong leader and selfless worker. His approach towards people is very professional.
I learned my initial lessons of Leadership, Sales and People Management from Parmindra and I am thankful to him for the coaching and guidance provided by him in my professional carrier.
Tarun Chhabra, President, OMC India
I would like to recommend Parmindra as a senior businessman and as a business developer in the ICT industry. I really appreciated his eagerness to get business, strategic intent and leadership. A team player, asking the right questions and always looking for new and other ways to achieve results. We still have a very good relationship, which I appreciate very much.
Peter Vanhee, Export Manager, ATEA, Belgium
I know Mr. Kwatra for more than twenty years and it was indeed a great pleassure to work with and learn from him. I always admired his leadership, communication, business and sales skills.I have seen him coming out with very innovative ways to close complex deals . Mr. Kwatra is a very down to earth person and he makes it very very easy for anyone to talk to him.
Pramod Misra, Vice President- BD, Siemens Public Communication Networks Ltd.
    I remember very distinctly when Parmindra joined us in Sprint. He had worked in AT&T & Siemens and was used to certain size of projects, office environment, space etc etc. To him the world had suddenly shrunk. He looked around and said 'WoW', this is nice, everybody is easily accessible'. And that kind of summed of his approach to adapt to new technology, shrinking boundaries, smaller value projects. On one hand he was adapting to scale and on the other hand he was bringing his experience and guiding the team to be more professional. And he did it with 'Panache'. While he knew that he was new to industry & technology, he did not spend his initial time on that. He spent on understanding the team, the people and culture. Once he got hooked onto that -which was with ease - he moved on the mundane stuff of 'geek-land.' It was amazing to see the ease with which he settled in so quickly and was a part an parcel of the team. He guided them on stratgies and also held various team buildng work-shops. However, the biggest surprise to us all, came, when he announced that he was an avid cricketer and I must say he became the backbone of the Sprint RPG cricket team as well. It was great being associated with him both in and outside office as his easy going, warm and cheerful personality always calmed the environment around. One actually misses those days... Cheers!
Sanjay Motwani, Country Director, Raritan
 I started my career at Siemens working for Mr. Kwatra and 20 years on, I continue to know him. My relationship with him, has been from a guide to a boss to a mentor to a friend. I admire Mr. Kwatra for his personal capabilities and his leadership skills. He has always inspired & motivated people to perform to the best of their capabilities. He is a great professional and a wonderful human being.
Rajat Tandon, Director, Nortel
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