Why You Need Us
  The Challenge….
The biggest challenge Indian Education System faces today is Employability. We have the largest pool of educated youth, well educated yet unfortunately unemployable. Today universities and colleges are distributing degrees and generating a whole lot of unemployable frustrated graduates.

Educated Unemployment
is on the rise and staring us at our face. India today produces 5 lakh technical graduates, 30 lakh other graduates and another 4 lakhs post graduates and MBAs.
As per one recent survey (see right box) , out of these only 10% are employable.

There is a huge gap between what companies need and what institutions are providing.

What we need today is a business and technical education system aimed at building a new generation of graduates, who can into companies, stand out & start contributing from the day they join the company and make a real impact. What we need is 30% technical / managerial skills & 70% soft skills for being successful in the tough, competitive and challenging real world out there.
Building Confidence.… Building Careers…

Fountainhead Training Academy has accepted the challenge and offers fresh engineers, graduates, undergraduates, MBAs and entrepreneurs, who are currently unemployed and are searching for proper job opportunities to learn and refine skills and competency demanded by today’s employers, specially MNCs and Indian companies in various high growth and sunrise industries.

Your Dream….. Our Passion…

At Fountainhead Training Academy, our sincere endeavor is to groom and train these engineers & graduates suitable for the needs of corporate and Industry through building their competence , skills, confidence and hence helping them achieve their career goals & dreams in the challenging real world.
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