Our Maargdarshan services are divided in two segments:

Career Counseling for students

In this segment we provide career counseling for students who are Currently in school and are student of class 9th to 12th standard. This is the time when they need to decide, get guidance & take first step towards their career goal. Based on their skills, strengths, aptitude, area of interest, expertise and passion We make suggestion regarding various career choices. Also based on our years of experience we also discuss and help them making decisions reg studying in different parts of the world, USA, UK, Europe etc and their advantages & challenges. We also help them taking decisions on various courses and their career potential in different Industries.

Career Coaching & Mentoring for professionals & Executives for career growth.

Based on our years of experience in the corporate sector & coaching/mentoring skills, we coach & mentor executives & professionals and help them grow their career.We do this by understanding each individual ,his strengths, skill areas, team skills, leadership potential & behaviour and put them on the growth path by suggesting right career growth strategies. We take keen interest in development of young promising people. Many young executives trained, coached & mentored by our Chairman have got benefited & are today occupying senior management positions in top global & Indian MNCs. Counseling& coaching sessions on weekends are conducted personally by our chairman with prior appointments.. For knowing more on our Chairmans background, please click on founder’s profile.

  • Face your challenges & tough issues. What gets in your way of success ? How can you remove the barriers?
  • Move up the career ladder ..Enhance your business & communication skills, strengthen your leadership abilities.
  • Understand practical & real side of corporate world, understand people & team dynamics,and create strategies for achieving your goals.
  • Fine tune networking skills, develop job search techniques, define your personal professional work life balance & achieve it.
  • Understand & discover what makes you happy. Realize your potential & find career satisfaction with a job you love.

Helping others discover the way to work their own passion.

Our career coaching will help you take charge of your career irrespective of your current position, job, title, industry, function, location.
As career coach we will help you to:
- Choose your career goal- and make a plan to achieve it.
- Work towards finding your passion- and not just dream about it.
- Focus your job search, fine tune CV & develop essential interview kills.
- Develop career strategies .
- Process- self assessment- career evaluation- Name your goals, strategize & decide how to achieve them.

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